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10 Ways to Create Community Through Prayer

by Carole Ferch-Johnson.

1. Be committed to praying with others.
Jesus responds to united hearts. When we show our willingness to pray in harmony and love, the Lord promises to be present.

2. Take advantage of any opportunity to pray with others.
Accept the invitations offered to pray with others. There is often at least one prayer group functioning in a local church. Ask to become a part of it.

3. Confidently suggest prayer when the church faces problems.

Any member can call the church to prayer when s/he recognises the need. Breaking off the discussion in a board or business meeting for a season of prayer gives God opportunity to apply divine wisdom to the situation.

4. Create a phone or e-mail prayer chain.
Seek to become a link in a church prayer chain where phone/e-mail requests are circulated by a coordinator. If no chain exists, why not start one?

5. Ask others to join you for informal prayer.
Offer to pray about concerns or problems raised in conversation with others, particularly church members. Do it informally, simply and briefly on the spot.

6. Give others a chance to pray.
When praying in a group, leave some issues for others to cover. Keep your prayers short and to the point. Long comprehensive prayers are better offered in private.

7. Affirm the prayers of others audibly.
While in group prayer tell God you agree with the prayers already offered and you affirm and uphold these petitions.

8. Use the names of other group members in your prayers.
Make an effort to memorise the names of each person in your prayer group. Mention their name as you affirm their prayer in the group.

9. Treat the prayers of others with respect.
Leave the content of group prayers with the Lord. It is not helpful to carry information shared in prayer away from the group or to air it elsewhere.

10. Ask for a copy of Uplink at your church.
Uplink is the Prayer Ministry newsletter. It is produced bi-monthly and contains information about prayer partners around Australia and New Zealand. It also contains stories of answered prayer, guidelines for personal prayer, and how to become a prayer group leader. You can download the Uplink from the Prayer Ministries website.