World Mission Projects

World mission is another important part of the Sabbath School time, it is about fulfilling the gospel commission to "go and make disciples of all nations." (Matt 28:19)

The world mission time is an opportunity to focus on other parts of the world, learn about the diverse peoples and cultures in far away places. In so doing, we develop an appreciation for something that is not focussed on self, but rather on the needs of others. The opportunity to make a donation or "offering" that will go towards fulfilling the gospel commission is provided during the Sabbath School time.

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Adventist Mission - worldwide
Find mission stories, subscribe to their DVD. You can also watch it online by clicking on the menu item in the "Quick Links" menu.

Pacific Focus (DVD)
Free Monthly Subscription - mission stories from around the South Pacific
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Powerpoint presentations for Sabbath School mission segments

Adventist News - South Pacific
Weekly news stories from around the South Pacific

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